Real Therapy. In Real-Time.


This is therapy like you’ve never experienced.
Individualized, affordable and on your schedule.


Your Mobile Therapy Clinic.


Now you can treat patients from any location
while maintaining flexibility and freedom in your practice.


What Is TeleTherapy?


Through the power of Internet video-conferencing, patients can now self-schedule their appointments and receive real-time, one-on-one treatments from a network of qualified therapists.


Therapy When & Where You Need It.

At TeleTherapy Direct, we’re removing the burden of office visits for both patients and providers through high-quality, real-time video consultations over any type of device, whether a desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Physical therapy patients can now receive effective, affordable treatment at their convenience; and physical therapists can be geographically remote while still providing the quality of services their patients deserve.



Creating an account takes only a few steps and is done in minutes. Your information is then stored securely for all future online visits.



Choose the physical therapist who works best for you. We’ll show you a list of available providers, their experience and ratings before starting your visit.



Schedule your appointment for a secure, high-quality streaming video session. See and speak with a therapist within 24 hours from wherever you are.

For Physical Therapy Patients

TeleTherapy Direct gives you access to on-demand care from an accredited physical therapist when and where you need it. We guarantee that you’ll be able to schedule an appointment within 24 hours (excluding Sundays and holidays). No longer do you need to bear the responsibility of traveling for the care you need. It’s now all at your fingertips from any device with an Internet connection.

How Does TeleTherapy Direct Work?

We’re building a network of qualified physical therapists around the nation to help deliver affordable, convenient and effective video consultations that fit their patients’ lifestyles. By doing so, we’re removing the geographic barriers to quality care that come from traditional office visit scheduling. Want to learn how it works?

For Physical Therapists

By joining the TeleTherapy Direct network, you’ll be able to perform Internet-based consultations in any state in which you’re licensed from the comfort of your home or office. This not only helps you and your patients navigate the modern-day landscape together, it also brings flexibility and freedom to your practice without compromising quality of service.

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