Bring Flexibility and Freedom to Your Practice.

The Newest Phase of Delivering
Physical Therapy.


We’re building a network of qualified physical therapists around the nation to help deliver affordable, convenient and effective video consultations that fit their patients’ lifestyles. By doing so, we’re removing the geographic barriers to quality care that come from traditional office visit scheduling. This new phase of care allows physical therapists to be geographically remote and still provide the quality of services their patients deserve.

Treat more patients throughout any states in which you’re licensed

By joining TeleTherapy Direct, you’ll no longer be limited to treating only those within your local geographic area. You’ll be able to treat patients in any state in which you are currently licensed, and do it from the comfort of your home or office. This not only helps you and your patients navigate the modern-day landscape together, it also brings flexibility and freedom to your practice.

Maintain your quality of service without compromise

Healthcare services delivered via teleconferencing has been shown to be as good as those provided during traditional on-site visits, according to the American TeleMedicine Association. Studies have consistently shown that, in specialties like ICU care and mental health, telemedicine has generally resulted in greater patient satisfaction and outcomes. Physical therapy sessions provided through the same mechanism, while relatively new, is expected to yield similar results. One particular pilot study conducted in 2009 concluded that telerehabilitation was a realistic alternative for patients after receiving total knee replacement (post-knee arthroplasty) and being discharged from acute care hospitals. The study can be read HERE.

Increase efficiency and lower your overhead

Your cost of delivering healthcare can be greatly reduced by adopting and offering teleconferencing as an alternative. Increased efficiency through shared staffing, fewer office visits, shorter patient travel times and better management of chronic conditions are all benefits that can be realized through this fast-growing technology. Lower provider overhead means lower overall costs for the delivery of healthcare services and more stabilized insurance rates.

How to Join Our Growing Network

The only prerequisite is a state license. Being a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedics or Sports Medicine is encouraged. Currently, participating therapists will be considered independent contractors.

To apply or get more information, please complete this form.

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